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Concordia Primary School

Local Learning Global Understanding

Concordia Primary School will be a two-form entry school with a 30 FTE placement nursery. It will take children from the age of 3 to 11 years. It will open in September 2019 with two reception classes and a nursery.

At Concordia Primary School your child will be able to continue to learn their mother tongue language. Alongside, they will learn English. In KS2, they will have the opportunity to learn a third language. All languages will be taught using bilingual approaches to language teaching. This approach enables your child to engage with the languages they are learning in real, everyday situations.

Children whose mother tongue is English will learn a second language, beginning in Nursery and Reception. Through KS1, they will continue to develop their skills and understanding of English alongside a second world language. In KS2, they will have the opportunity to learn a third world language.

Concordia school will be a place of loving learning, where every child gains an understanding of themselves and of the world. We believe that school should open doors to all possibilities for every child. We believe that school should teach each child reading writing and numeracy, train each child in knowledge and understanding of the world, and encourage each child to participate in arts and sports.

We will track children’s progress individually, helping and inspiring each child to reach their potential across the curriculum. At Concordia school will use the best assessment methods available to support your child’s learning. Our teachers Look for Learning, spotting talent and creating opportunities, including giving the children the skills they need for exam success at every stage of their school career.

At Concordia school we will use a curriculum which offers an international perspective giving your child a window onto the world. One which incorporates all the National Curriculum requirements, and has an emphasis on language acquisition, giving the children focused local learning with a wider global understanding.

The language skills curriculum will ensure that each child leaves Concordia school with good levels of attainment in English in all four language components, reading writing speaking and listening. They will have functional fluency in their mother tongue, and one other language, and a working knowledge of a third language.

Children who struggle with language and communication skills will have additional 1-2-1 and small group support, to ensure that no child is left behind.

Knowledge and understanding of the world is essential for children to see and grasp the possibilities open to them, giving them the chance to fulfil their potential and their dreams. Language is the key to this. Without appropriate language skills, it is not possible to unlock a child’s full potential. At Concordia school, we gift all our children with these skills, enabling them to achieve success in secondary school and life beyond.

At Concordia school your child will experience art, drama and music. They will play sports and learn to swim. They will become proficient mathematicians. They will visit wonderfully interesting places, and meet amazing people. They will fill their days, weeks and years with laughter and learning. They will make lifelong friends.

Register for a place at Concordia Primary School, and give your child a flying start in life.